Advanced practices to find all affiliate ads, beyond what is filtered 

Visto AI, our machine-learning algorithm uses dozens of attributes to detect affiliate ads and their verticals.

While that is more than any human could possibly do, our algorithm may still miss a few ads. You can find these ads manually with a few methods.

First, since many affiliate ads are similar to each other, certain patterns will start to emerge as you use Visto more and more.

Search inside ads:

Oftentimes, many affiliate ads will use similar creatives and copy, with it, a simple search by ads keywords will reveal many ads related to your niche.

You can search either by keywords or common sentences used. Make sure to search with different variations so you don't miss out on any ads, or use broader terms so that you don't miss out on any variations.


  • Started drinking this and noticed a change immediately

  • Save up to X% Off Today

  • If you're over 65 you may qualify

Search inside comments:

Customers will oftentimes comment on the ads they see, from praising the product, calling it a scam, or recommending your competitors.

Look for the commonly used comments, and start searching for keywords inside the comments.


  • Bitcoin

  • Casino 

  • This diet works

There are many more and in every existing language, find the common ones and search for them.

Search inside landing pages:

Just as affiliate ads use a similar copy, affiliate pre-landers will too. Visto by default saves all the pre-landers text, allowing you to easily search by the keywords used.

We recommend searching for common sentences used, main keywords, or even product sold name. Remember to keep your search with broad terms, use different variations, or key parts of common sentences so you don't miss anything.

For example “$4.95 Weight Loss Solution That Naturally Burns Fat” will give you only ads with that exact sentence, while searching for “ Naturally Burns Fat” will give you all the ads with similar variations.

Examples of sentences and keywords used inside the money page:


  • Yukon Gold

  • Bitcoin Revolution

Search the landing page HTML:

Visto's landing page search goes beyond keywords only. With Visto you can search for the entire HTML of the page, meaning any HTML code, scripts, or iframes.

PHP scripts and other scripts stored server-side will not work, as we have no way of reaching it.

Examples of HTML code to search for:

  • npopstate=

  • ObterParametroUrl

Redirect Path

Found an affiliate ad that you really like? You can search for all other ads of that affiliate, how to do that?

Simply click on the Visto icon on the left to activate our Visto search, or copy the affiliate tracker domain to search for more ads using it inside the redirect path, this search will show you all the ads of that affiliate over all his Facebook pages.

Examples of links used on the redirect path by other affiliates:

Search by domain

Search on our domain search for common domains used by affiliates, such as,,, and many more.

Search by geo

It's the most time consuming, but guarantees you won't miss anything. Simply filter for the country and time range you want, and scroll down to see everything and ensure nothing is missed.

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