We count as search any search that you do, no matter how many filters and keywords you use, and every ad you see.

Users on our basic plan can perform 200 daily searches, however, they prefer.

On our Pro and Premium plans we offer a larger package of 10k monthly ad searches and on Elite plan unlimited ad searches  (within fair usage) . 

Is that enough?

That's a lot of ads. We calculated this limit based on data from thousands of users over time, and this number should cover 95% of our users.

What happens if I pass my limit?

If you're on a paid plan - you can either purchase another 500 searches for $49, or upgrade to our Elite plan which includes unlimited searches.

Additionally, you can also wait until your subscription renews and your limit will start again.

If you're on a free planyou can either upgrade to one of our paid plans, and wait until the next day your limit will start again.

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