With thousands of new ads scanned daily and the largest ad database, one question stands out "How to decide which ads work better".

Without access to the campaign dashboards of the advertiser, it's impossible to know the exact ad spend or conversion rate. However, there are a few key indicators you can use to gauge their success.

Watch for duration

One way to get a better pulse on which ads from competitors are performing best  is to search by duration.

The rationale is very simple, if an ad is running for a long time, something must be working as no marketer will spend money for an extended period of time if it's not profitable.

If you see ads that are still active but launched more than 30 days ago, it’s probably a pretty good indication that those ads have been performing well for your competitors.

To get a better picture of how long ads have been running, sort by First created to see the oldest ads during the time range of your preference.

visto sorting options

Sort or search ads by engagement

Another option is based on ads with higher engagement, if for some reason they're getting a lot of engagements, they have a higher chance of success.

On Visto, after you complete your search, you can click on the ads area and sort the ads in any way that you prefer. Here, choose by most reacted, commented, or shared.

Analyze the ad metrics

Here at Visto, we love backing our decisions with data. Another indicator for the ad success you can use is to look at the number of time the ad has been seen relative to how long it's live.

If an ad has been seen a lot in a certain time period, it can be an indicator that the ad is successful as the advertiser has a higher budget for this campaign, and is not only testing the ad campaign.

Evaluate media type

You can also Visto to determine which types of media your competitors are incorporating into their ads.

When setting up Facebook ads, you can choose from a number of different formats, including photos, videos, stories, carousels, slideshows, collections, and playables. 

If you’re fairly new to advertising on Facebook, or if you’ve only really ever experimented with one type of format, Visto can be a great tool to leverage for inspiration so you can finally launch that Instagram Stories Ad. All you need to do is make a list of your top 5 used keywords or competitors, search for their ads in Visto and make note of which formats or types of media they’re using. 

If you see an ad that has multiple versions running, in most cases, it’s different media or messaging that is being a/b tested in order to determine which performs the best when served up to viewers.

Examine messaging

Messaging is another good element of ads to pay attention to, especially when it comes to evaluating competitors. When viewing ads with Visto, you should pay attention to the headlines they use, the value props they focus on, the pain points they address, and the call to action they use.

You want to gain a good understanding of how your competitors are positioning themselves and their products and what, if any, promises they’re making to the people they’re trying to reach.

Analyzing ads for messaging will help you design better ads for your own company and audience. You’ll know how to differentiate or how to sound similar, both of which can be valuable in different ways when communicating and building trust with prospective customers. 

Look for big trends

If you see trends and similar ads across multiple competitors, it’s probably worth spinning up and testing a similar ad for your own business. And you’re not stuck with just Facebook, either. You can use what you’ve learned to test out Search ads, Display ads, Snapchat, Pinterest, or any other channels.  

When searching for common themes or repeating trends across pages, pay attention to imagery, messaging, offers, and calls-to-action. You should also pay close attention to ads that pop up during holidays, seasons, or any specific days of the year that matter most to your customers. 

Then just take what you’ve learned and apply it to your own brand to see how it resonates with your audience.

Gut feeling

Not a metric, but we had to write it. While our team at Visto is crazy about data, and A/B testing everything, no matter how stupid or crazy the idea.

With time you'll develop an instinct about what works best and whatnot. This is your professional advantage, so trust it! Just never forget to test out the weird stuff too! ?

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