Searches for any text on the ad.


Searches for all ads that use the specified keywords inside the comments.

Use it to find ads related to it, by customer reaction, and see where our competitors/products are mentioned.

Landing pages

Searches for all ads using the specific keywords on their landing pages.

Use it to search for ads using a specific product, advertised in a certain method, URL's used inside, or HTML code, piece of technology, or something else.

Redirect path

Searches over the URL path from the ad to the affiliate pre-lander.

Use it to search the affiliate tracker domain, or any other parameters used between the ad to the affiliate pre-lander.


Searches on the domain of the landing page of the ad.

Use it to find all ads sending to a specific landing page or using certain parameters, such as UTM and more.

Facebook page

Search for all ads from the Facebook page.

Affiliate offer

Search for ads by the name of the affiliate offer advertised or the offer domain.

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