All the information, insights, and metrics provided in our ads 

Creating winning campaigns doesn't come with a gut feeling alone and bright ideas but by combining it with real data. For each ad we scan, we provide you with all the data to accurately analyze each ad and create the best campaigns that work for you.

Seen dates and running time

  • Seen from to Until: The first and last time we saw the ad. Remember ads could be run than the last time we saw it.

  • Live for at least: Calculated from the ad creation date to the last time we saw the ads, servers an indicator for how long the ad has been running.

  • Seen: How many times we've seen this ad. Together with the other metrics, you can try estimating the ad performance.

Ad details

Visto ad details page

  • Landing PageThe URL link of the landing page of the ad, allows you to visit the landing page of the ad, or see the used parameters in each link such as UTM's, affiliate trackers, and more. Pro tip! Search for ads using specific UTM's or affiliate trackers to find more related ads on your research.

  • Facebook PostThe URL link for the post on Facebook, so you can see the ad live on Facebook, read the comments, and more.

  • Facebook Page: URL link for the Facebook page.


The countries we found this ad is running.

Affiliate details

For affiliate ads, we provide the following additional information:

  • Affiliate tracker domain: The tracker domain used by the affiliate to track all his campaigns. Use it on the redirect path search to find all other ads used by this affiliate. Better yet, click on the Visto icon on the right to automatically see alls ads from this affiliate.

  • Multiple landers: Some websites use advanced technologies to show different landing pages to different target audiences. Here you see the method used.

  • Affiliate network: The affiliate network the affiliate is using for this ad (available for some ads).

  • Affiliate offer: The name of the affiliate offer advertised.

Landing Page

Preview of the landing page used. Useful to see landing pages that were used in the past.

Clicking on the image will expand it, while on the 3 dots menu you'll have the option to visit the landing page link, and on affiliate ads download the pre-lander.

Affiliate offer

For some of our affiliate ads, you can preview the affiliate offer advertised by the affiliate too.

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