How Visto works, what it can do for your business, and what makes it different from other solutions

Visto is a 100% free competitive intelligence tool for social ads. With Visto, marketers and businesses can browse through millions of ads, see what works best, track their competitors, and stay updated on current trends in the advertising industry,

What can I do with Visto?

If you are a marketer, affiliate, or run your own ecommerce store you can use Visto to:

  • Explore millions of Facebook ads: Search for ads by keywords used across multiple places (ads, comments, landing pages, domains, etc..).

  • Get insights from each ad: Find out all the information behind each ad, how long its been running, engagement metrics, and more.

  • Track who your competitors are and what they advertise: Track thousands of Facebook pages.

  • Find e-commerce ads & products: Search for ecommerce ads with the highest engagement, or running the longest to uncover the best ads and products to sell.

  • Find affiliate ads: 1-click affiliate filters, filter for affiliate ads only or by vertical to and uncover the ads that matter to you in a matter of seconds.

  • See and download pre-landers: See the pre-landers used and download them to use as a template for your campaigns.

  • Discover new affiliate offers to advertise: Visit our affiliate offer section to discover the top trending affiliate offers and the ads running them.

Who uses Visto?

  • Marketers who want to see successful campaigns, follow industry trends, and track their competitors.

  • Affiliates and Networks looking for the best affiliate ads, pre-landers, best affiliate offers, and understand their market share.

  • E-commerce owners who want to discover profitable products to run and/or which ads work for their products.

What sets Visto apart?

Unlike a mix of other tools, Visto is focused on providing the largest database of ads and best user experience, so you can find anything you want fast to create profitable campaigns from day one.